Textiles-NunoFelting: silk wool fusion


Fine mesh silk is fused with soft merino wool and silk roving through use of bubble wrap, netting, olive oil soap and a swim noodle.  In the fusion process, I intertwine inspiration, strength and joy into each scarf as I design, roll and scrub the fabric.

The scarves are light weight with a touch of warmth. . .great for all weather. They  are both soft and strong and can be washed in cold water and dried on a towel to freshen. Each scarf is unique and comes with a bag, bow and tag with “best wishes for well-being” for the wearer.  Prices vary by size and design in the range of $30 to $95. Button-Flowers are $15. Commissions for special colors, design and size are available.  You can also arrange a hands on experiences to make your own nuno felted scarf.